AXIOM QC series amplifiers are high-performance 2U rackmount models with built-in DSP, designed for powering large touring PA systems or loudspeaker systems in high-profile fixed installations. They are available in standard two-channel configurations for powering typically a pair of full-range loudspeakers or frequency band of a stereo multi-way speaker system, or in a four-channel format for use with large multi-cabinet PA systems or for multiple monitor mixes.

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QC series amplifiers are fully networkable using the highly stable CANBUS protocol, so making it possible to set up and control a large network of devices – including amplifiers, powered speakers, and PROEL PC260 speaker processors – in a complex fixed install.

This new generation of digitally controlled Class D power modules with switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) feature innovative and very efficient power supply technology with significant benefits over currently available designs. Rather than relying on a commonly used fixed switching frequency, the QC series amplifier design uses a variable switching frequency which varies according to the input signal level, giving high-fidelity sound quality that can be compared with pure audiophile, top-of-the-range, Class AB designs, but with the added advantages of lower weight, better than 90% efficiency, and negligible heat dissipation. The improvement in operating efficiency is a big contributing factor to an overall reduction in wasted energy that is often associated with large and complex sound system installations.

Signal processing is based on the CORE DSP platform developed by PROEL’s R&D laboratories, using one of the most advanced SHARC DSP chips available today for high quality audio applications. Thanks to its substantial processing power, the CORE DSP platform can provide the most sophisticated algorithms for enhanced speaker processing, together with comprehensive remote control and system monitoring capabilities.

QC series amplifiers can be remotely controlled with PROEL’s proprietary PRONET software, which provides an intuitive user interface for control of the DSP features in the amplifier, and for monitoring of the amplifier’s overall status. This allows the user access to many of the loudspeaker system’s operating parameters such as equalisation, multiple delays, and individual driver protection.

Based around a lightweight 2U chassis with an aluminium front panel, QC series amplifiers are equally at home on tour or in fixed installs. Airflow is from front to rear, aided by whisper-quiet variable speed fans, and the removable dust filters are accessible from the front for easy maintenance when racked.

The four channel QC4.2 delivers 500 watts per channel at 4 ohms, and is recommended for powering a fixed installation system consisting of either multiple ED23P or ED25P point source speakers with full range response, or a combination of ED23P or ED25P satellites in combination with ED112P subwoofers using the onboard DSP to split the frequency bands. Any pair of channels can be bridged to drive more power into a subwoofer load.


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